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Founded in 1998 by the fiercely passionate interior designer Susanne Majlath, InsideOutside Design was established with a vision to bring a love of architecture and interiors together. This unity allowed for a holistic approach to designing interiors for houses and apartments in Sydney.

Today, with careful planning and layout, InsideOutside proudly creates bespoke interiors which are both creative and environmentally conscious. The interior design solutions are integrated, personalised and tangibly reflect the client’s desires.

insideoutside design interior designer kitchen
insideoutside design interior designer bedroom
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InsideOutside Design has a modern approach working with both classic and contemporary furniture, colour, materials and textural elements that are mixed into a decorative form having an appreciation of fashion, longevity and re‐invention.

Energetic, practical and focused on good design, InsideOutside Design delivers outcomes that can only evolve through passion, experience and versatility. With an open mind, the end result often brings with it unexpected delight!

Susanne Majlath

Susanne Majlath

Managing Director
“I have always been a passionate person and found early in my life a love for design which has been the motivating factor in creating my life’s path. Design is challenging, creative and an all‐consuming passion. It requires an understanding of the client and the end result they would like to achieve. The client relies...
Colour Theory 100%
Project management 90%
Creativity 80%
Technical Skills 80%


  • Diploma of Interior Design

    National Arts School

  • Graduate Diploma in Design Studies

    Sydney College of the Arts

  • Colour Psychology

    School of Colour & Design

Member of the DIA since 2002

Approved by HIA Safety Services NSW