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Here you will find a few questions answered by our interior design studio in Sydney. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to send them through to us and we will have them answered for you at our earliest convenience.

Our interior designer Susanne works closely with her clients so that she can get to know exactly what look they are after. Additionally, all designs must be signed off and approved by the client prior to any purchases being made.

It’s very difficult to quote on a job without having seen the home or apartment. Only once a consultation has been had can Susanne provide an accurate fee proposal specific to a client’s requirements. Please see our Pricing Guide for an idea as to how we charge.

The time from first consultation to completion of a job varies on the size. We have completed jobs from anywhere between a month to 12 months.

An interior decorator generally refers to someone who deals with finishes, surfaces, furniture, and wall coverings. An interior decorator is an aesthetic specialist and is skilled at embellishing and dressing an interior with things like paint, furnishings, floor coverings and fabrics for visual effect.

An interior designer has undertaken a more specialised career field, studying the theory and practice of design in considerable detail. Ultimately, an interior designer’s role is to create functional, safe, efficient, comfortable and beautiful interior spaces that are fit for their clients’ purpose.
Interior designers normally have a good working knowledge of construction practices and documentation requirements, and can work confidently with other designers and tradespeople to ensure that the interior spaces they design are appropriate and properly implemented.

Whether you need a little help or a lot, from answers to a few questions on colour selection or furniture layout, to help on planning and completing a complicated remodel or new construction project, the advice and guidance of an interior designer is invaluable.

Having a professional interior designer guide you through these processes as well as providing the information and expertise for finding the exact products and trades-people you need to get the best result for your project is priceless. Working with an interior designer will help you to move seamlessly and efficiently through the project, as well as help you prevent costly mistakes along the way.

Ultimately the end goal is to add beauty and value to your property, whether you are planning on enjoying the space around you or selling for a profit.

Our first meeting with you is where we exchange ideas, define needs and assess priorities. This meeting is the first critical step to developing a good design brief and applies to all areas of the home. We take a holistic look at your project which generally includes space planning, traffic flows, furniture placement and existing constraints. We help you crystalize your priorities and define the design brief.

Although we often start with the kitchen, bathrooms & living areas, we offer space planning and design solutions for the whole home…. inside and outside. We guide you through the myriad of decisions that have to be made during the course of your project, allowing you to choose the level of service you require with no obligation to proceed further.

Absolutely! At InsideOutside we are happy to assist with colours, furniture placement &/or designing a whole house. Our involvement is as little or as great as you require.

Great question! Our suggestion is the sooner the better… by involving a designer in the initial planning stages, it can save you a lot of money and costly mistakes can be avoided. We work with your architect &/or builder to incorporate the best design ideas at the planning stage.

Together we can increase the beauty & value of your home

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